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Where right now we have so many brands and so many networks and so much content, and literally, it’s so much supply and not enough consumer demand, what happens is the world turns upside down.

And I realized that platforms were going to become very important, collaborative platforms. But when
I started 30 years ago, this industry was quite simple. It was about he who shouts loudest wins. You just simply dominated. It was command and control.

There was a handful of networks. They dictated everything, the schedule, what content you would what content you would watch, when you would watch it.

In this digital era, we are overwhelmed with content on multiple platforms and our stories risk not to be heard.

Being able to find this content is a challenge, not just here but around the world.

No matter who you are and what you’re doing, as long as you’re able to create content that you’re passionate about, upload it onto YouTube. And if there are people who latch on, they like watching it, the audience base grows, there. You have an audience.

There’s a great environment out there. And a lot of those younger people know how to use that, too. You know, they understand their market, they track that stuff. It’s instinctual to them. You know so I think that’s there. I think the challenge is what gets called the squishy middle.

But if you talk to a lot of YouTube creators today, they live by analytics. They look at analytics and it tells them what they should be producing next.

However, if it’s for discovery, then it is more and more social, be it like somebody share something on Facebook or you’re following a number of people on Twitter or, basically, you know, just you’re randomly watching something on YouTube and something pops up.


Yeah, exactly

Recommendation. That’s an algorithmic experience.

And more often than not, they’re doing it through access versus ownership, because that’s what the consumer is looking for in this world.

“I want to access. I don’t want to own.”