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27 Nov 2015

How the CRTC and NFB could help prevent a global media crisis

Major summits—those meetings of minds that gather together thought-leaders to tackle existential questions in the face of looming crisis—tend to have the nasty habit of being too little, too late…. Read More

27 Nov 2015

Content. Abundance. Discoverability: CRTC and NFB co-hosting “En route to the Discoverability Summit” in Vancouver

November 3, 2015 – Gatineau/Montreal – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)/National Film Board of Canada (NFB) Audiovisual content is everywhere: on television, on the Internet, on smartphones and on… Read More

27 Nov 2015

What goes round comes around

We were cleaning up our storage room the other day and I rediscovered some of the old vinyl LPs from my youth – Dire Straits, Madonna, T’Pau, Crowded House albums,… Read More

26 Nov 2015

Tony Chapman: Content in the Age of Abundance

Is our marketplace under siege or underdeveloped?  Is there too much content or too little of the right content?  Is our content trapped or is it now business without boundaries?… Read More

26 Nov 2015

Nos contenus culturels sont absents du web des données

Ne pas être préoccupé de la présence et de la visibilité des contenus des industries culturelles et créatives sur le web, c’est, pour une institution: attendre d’être obsolète ou, pour… Read More

26 Nov 2015

Most millennials still have subscription-TV service: MTM

Seven out of every 10 Canadian between the ages of 18 and 34 have a subscription-TV service in their home, while that proportion is 87 per cent for those 35… Read More