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9 Jan 2016

5 Ways Streaming Music Will Change In 2016

In 2015, the streaming music market became a full-contact spectator sport. Sure, the category has been busy for some time: In 2014, we saw Taylor Swift dump Spotify, Google buy… Read More

8 Jan 2016

10 of the best gadgets at CES 2016

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just wouldn’t be the CES without its fair share of gadgets and gizmos claiming to make your life easier — or at… Read More

8 Jan 2016

Rediscovering Online Video in 2016 : How To, Why To, and Who to Watch

It is amazing how much of what I watch online is influenced by what I watch online. But one of my biggest complaints with online video is the disappointing results… Read More

23 Dec 2015

Le futur de YouTube : de la télévision au cinéma

Lors d’un dîner entre amis à l’hiver 2004-2005, trois employés de PayPal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen et Jawed Karim, observaient les gens filmer la soirée en se demandant s’ils allaient… Read More

22 Dec 2015

App discovery is mobile gaming’s biggest issue

We’ve all been there: you’ve got some time to kill so you open up the app store, hoping to come across a game worth playing. You navigate to the top… Read More

21 Dec 2015

CRTC should listen to TV critics, just like everyone else

Hands up those of you who watched River on Netflix because it came with a solid recommendation here. Great, thanks. That’s a lot of people. Hands up those of you… Read More