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25 Nov 2015

Then the Internet changed everything…

As a child, I learned about new films and television series in the schoolyard. Back then, discoverability often depended on word of mouth. However, that method was not very efficient,… Read More

25 Nov 2015

CRTC partners with NFB to host content-discoverability events

The CRTC announced Tuesday it is partnering with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) to host two events that will lead to a large summit, in order to start… Read More

23 Nov 2015

What’s Your “White Whale”? I.e., What Is Discoverability?…

I’m old enough to remember going to channel 4 to check out what was on TV in the next 15 minutes. Of course, I’d get tired of waiting and click… Read More

19 Nov 2015

Why 2 events in 2 cities before the big event? 3 Reasons Why

So why 2 “pre” events? We could have jumped ahead to the Summit and maybe we would have saved time. But we didn’t. Why? Because we want a meaningful solution… Read More