Why 2 events in 2 cities before the big event? 3 Reasons Why

So why 2 “pre” events?

We could have jumped ahead to the Summit and maybe we would have saved time. But we didn’t. Why? Because we want a meaningful solution to a problem that’s not simple.

I’ve been watching reruns of Trailer Park Boys on Netflix lately. Tired of the same old, I did a quick search on Google to find similar shows (search term: “shows like trailer park boys”) and this is what I got: a gallery of shows that are – you guessed it – similar to Trailer Park Boys. Awesome!

This is just one way one company is trying to help us find the content we’re looking for.

But I still struggle with how to find a quiet, clever, foreign movie that has subtitles. And I still have no idea how to find a local indie band that sounds like M83. “Content in the age of abundance”… I know there’s plenty of content out there that I’d enjoy. I’m not convinced I’m always finding it.

So what’s the solution? Or solutions? This is what we’re trying to find out, and that’s why we’re spreading it out over time.

We’re holding two “En Route” events first. Think of these as a part of the theme song to a movie. They set the tone and establish the mood. They’re the foundation for the Main Summit Event; the movie, if you follow the metaphor.

And here are three reasons why we’ve chosen this format:

Reason 1. Not all markets are created equal!

Both “En Route” events have the same themes and questions. Montreal will tackle the French markets and Vancouver will tackle the English markets.

If you’re at all versed in these markets, you know just how much they differ in industry participants, in habits and in dynamics. They are not equal; they are unique. We recognize that. And we want ideas from both our French and English friends.

A side note: yes, we’re looking at our French- and English-Canadian markets, but we’re still interested in international markets, too. Heck, our keynote speaker for the Montreal event is from France! We want to know how other countries make their content searchable to us and how we can make our content searchable to them.

Reason 2. Sleep is magical.

Time is magical too. Ever struggled with a problem or an idea only to find it solved by sleeping on it? Or waiting a few days and then suddenly realizing that you knew the answer all along?

We’re looking for those “aha!” moments too. So we’re putting distance between the En Route events and the Main Event so that everyone has a chance to ruminate on the ideas and discussions from the Montreal and Vancouver events.

Of course, we also want to give the world a chance to respond to what comes out of the “En Route” events. Don’t forget to put your word in too – you don’t need to be an “expert” to have an amazing idea. Ultimately, we’re trying to improve discoverability for everyone so we need your input if this problem is going to be solved in a meaningful way.

Reason 3. *It’s a secret.*

The “En Route” events aren’t secret per se but they are invite only. They’re invite only because we want to make sure that we get perspectives from experts in different fields: psychologists, academics, engineers, marketing gurus, digital specialists, producers, directors, musicians… And just to be clear, we’re not just inviting the usual suspects. This isn’t about what they want. It also doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the events either: they’re being live-streamed, you can comment on the Community page and we’ll be using Twitter throughout the conference.

These events are about helping you find content that you care about.


So what do you care about? What do you want to find? How do you find it? Is it even an issue for you?

Let us know what you think about the issues around discoverability.