Wale Gbadamosi-Oyekanmi

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CEO & Creation Director, Darewin

Digital and entertain lover. Proud of @darewin since 2011. Life is short. Work smart. Play hard.

Debuting in a media school at Dauphine University, Wale Gbadamosi-Oyekanmi started his career at TF6 and ENDEMOL. A year later, he joins COYOTE, one of the largest production companies in France. It is with their team that Wale creates and adapts new programs both for television (TF1, M6, France Télévisions) and Web (Canalstreet.tv).

Driven by his love for challenges and human adventures, Wale decides to tour the world for a year supported by his Mypelouse.com campaign. During his year abroad, he creates an international project on worldwale.com and confirms his passion for digital content. In the summer of 2010, a tweet he posts opens the doors to one of the most creative advertising agencies: BUZZMAN. There, he develops social media strategies for customers such as MTV, SFR, AXIS, GOOGLE & DUREX (Middle East).

In 2011, Wale ventures new experiences and makes his dream job come true by founding Darewin, his very own Social TV agency. He is now 4 years along the road and counts 45 talents who work hard daily to build engaging mobile and digital strategies to truly extend entertainment experiences. Today, Darewin represents over 200 campaigns for producers, broadcasters and distributors including Netflix, France Televisions, MTV, Warner Bros, Unity Media and Canal+, proudly topping off 11 international awards for social, digital and PR campaigns.

Connect with him at @worldwale

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