Tessa Sproule


CEO, co-founder, Vubble

I am a small Canadian with a big forehead. Shaking things up with @vubblePOP. Former director of digital @CBC and 4-time grade school track medalist.

Tessa Sproule (CEO and co-founder, Vubble) most recently left an executive position with the CBC as director of digital content to co-found and create Vubble. She is considered a leading expert on digital media production in North America and is a sought-after speaker on the subject around the world.

A digital innovator, visionary leader and change agent, Sproule has an intense clarity of vision for the future and proven intuition for identifying opportunities in the unrelenting advance of disruptive technologies in the media space.

Tessa is a trusted and patient catalyst who builds highly successful, collaborative environments, assembling the top talent and teams required to surpass what others might consider impossible goals. She has more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur within traditional media. She has managed teams of over 30 employees, multi-million dollar operational budgets, and high-profile international productions.

Connect with her at @TessaSproule

LinkedIn: Tessa Sproule