Michèle Savard


Senior Vice President, Carat

Senior Vice President at Carat, responsible for strategists who work with advertisers to create communications campaigns.

With over 25 years of experience in advertising media strategy, Michèle has extensive knowledge of media and of the development of a strategic and creative approach to media planning. Her understanding of her clients’ marketing needs translates into a holistic approach to their communications plan. During her career, she has worked directly with media organizations in capacities ranging from advertising sales to senior management at the Bureau de commercialisation de la radio du Québec. From 2012 to 2014, she was the Chair of the Conseil des directeurs médias du Québec (CDMQ), which consists of over 20 communications agencies. She is currently a member of the CDMQ Executive Committee.

With Carat, the #1 Global Media Network and market leader in digital and diversified media solutions since 2008, Michèle is the Senior Vice President and responsible for a team of media strategists who work with national, regional and local advertisers on the development of multiplatform communications campaigns.

Connect with her at @michelesavard

LinkedIn: Michèle Savard