Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson

Director of Education, Mediasmarts

Matthew Johnson is Director of Education for MediaSmarts,Canada’s non-profit centre for digital and media literacy.

Matthew Johnson is the Director of Education for MediaSmarts, Canada’s center for digital and media literacy. He is the designer of the comprehensive digital literacy tutorials Passport to the Internet (Grades 4-8) and MyWorld (Grades 9-12). He has contributed blogs and articles to websites and magazines around the world as well as presented MediaSmarts’ materials on topics such as copyright, cyberbullying, body image and online hate to parents, journalists, academics and government bodies in Canada and around the world.Matthew is also an educator with nearly ten years’ experience teaching media education, film-making, English and special education among other subjects. A collection of his short fiction, Irregular Verbs and Other Stories, was published in June of 2014.

Twitter: @mediasmarts