Jonathan Roberge


Author, director, comedian and actor

Jonathan has been working in various media since the age of 19. Since 2009, he has been known for his web series Contrat d’gars and FISTON, as well as his columns on various media platforms and his involvement in television shows, advertising and the Zoofest festival, to name only a few.

A great storyteller and talented improviser, Jonathan has participated in more than 5,000 improvisations since he started at age 19, in addition to performing in new comedy shows in Quebec.

In 2009 and 2010, he co-wrote and co-hosted the web series Contrat d’gars, a project that earned him the admiration of hundreds of thousands of fans throughout Quebec and elsewhere in the French-speaking world.

In winter 2011, the TVA network invited Jonathan to join the team of a new show, Testé sur des humains, as an ideator.

In early 2012, Jonathan presented his new web series FISTON, which is intended to be a father’s visual testament to teach his son about life. It includes recommendations not usually found in parenting books… In addition to portraying the father, Jonathan Roberge directed the series and co-wrote the scripts.

On the small screen, in 2013, he wrote for the shows Entrée principale (SRC) and Deux hommes en or(Télé-Québec), in addition to assuming the roles of director and ideator for the Jean Lapointe Foundation’s viral advertising.

Also in the advertising field, Jonathan combined the roles of director and ideator for the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec web advertisement, as well as assuming the same roles for an advertising spot for Guzzo Cinemas.

On stage, Jonathan received a Panthère award in the Artist of the Year category for his participation in the shows Le Show des papasand Le Show XXX at the 2012 Zoofest Festival, and, since 2014, he has been one of the four main actors in the hit play Ma Première Fois.

As a writer, Jonathan wrote a humorous monthly column in 2014 and
2015 for Summum magazine in addition to his weekly blogs that have been hugely successful on the Urbania web platform.

His book FISTON, launched in November 2015, was a big hit. The book ranked among the bestsellers for several weeks at Archambault and Renaud-Bray.

Also in November 2015, he launched the PAPA web series, which features him and his son Xavier Roberge. This smash comedy, with 12 episodes online on, has already recorded more than four million views and has over 90,000 fans! Television viewers will not be disappointed because, in the next spring/summer season, all of the shows will be adapted to a format of four half-hour episodes and broadcast on the TVA network.

Twitter: @JonathanRoberg1