Adriana Labardini

Foto Comisionada Labardini

Commissioner, Federal Telecommunications Institute in Mexico

Commissioner for the @IFT_MX since its foundation in 2013. Lawyer from @ELD_Mexico and M.D. in law from @Columbia.

Commissioner Adriana Labardini is a lawyer from the “Libre de Derecho” law school and Director and Founder of Alconsumidor, an independent Civil Association which defends the rights of consumers and users of telecommunications in Mexico.

Commissioner Labardini has served as Advisory Counsel of various public institutions in Mexico, including the Federal Consumer Protection Agency, the former Federal Communications Commission and the National Advisory Committee on Standardization of the Ministry of Economy.

She has also served as Technical Secretary on the Board of the Federal Telecommunications Commission from 1999 to 2003 and for 16 years worked as an associate and partner in a major law firm, specializing in the areas of corporate law, administrative law and telecommunications.

Commissioner Labardini has a Master’s degree in Law fromColumbia University in New York. She was external professor at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching and is a former Fulbright scholar and social entrepreneur in Ashoka.

Twitter: @LabardiniA