CRTC’s Discoverability Youth Summit: a forum for millennial web content and tools

Millennials influence the future of creative industries with new tools

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Day: Recap
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CRTC’s Discoverability Youth Summit: new technology and creative content collide to show millennials trailblazing in the communication sector

Video summary

The involvement of millennials in the CRTC’s Discoverability Youth Summit demonstrates the influence of this generation in communications. They have grown up with the Internet, and form a large part of the audience, as well as being the content providers and technology trailblazers. They know instinctively how to use the new tools and how to frame content for discoverability in the web. The trailblazers in this demographic are revolutionizing communications and the Internet, using technology and platforms in completely new ways. At the same time, they are providing engaging brand entertainment. Find out how you can join their ranks.

Experts in this video

Talia Schlanger

Host of CBC Radio 2 Weekend Morning and CBC TV's weekly show, CBC Music: Backstage Pass

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CRTC

Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson of the NFB

The Eh Bee Family

Ministre Joly

Minister of Canadian Heritage

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