Subscription-based video: being visible in the French-language market

The TOU.TV example and that of Jonathan Roberge

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Day: May 10
Time: 3:45PM - 5:00PM

Created in 2010, ICI was the first French-language online platform entirely devoted to TV viewing. Since its launch, ICI has stood out for the depth and variety of its content, as well as its wide accessibility. Its free offering remains the only French-language streaming video service on the market open to all audiences. Christiane Asselin shares the ingredients that make ICI a leader on the French-language mediascape at home and across the Francophonie. Speaking of his path that led to the web, Jonathan Roberge gives an overview of his career as a comedian. Launching a web-series to increase visibility for his fans, Jonathan Roberge discusses his view of the web industry and his creative process over time. Now, with nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook and more than 30M clicks on all his work, this pioneer of successful web series (Contrat de gars, Vie de vrai gars, Fiston and Papa) continues to expand his universe and produce advertising and series to show the whole impact the web can have on a business.

Video summary

This video presents two case studies on the business model for subscription-based video-on-demand in the French language market. The first discusses TOU.TV: Radio-Canada’s video-on-demand service. Good example of discoverability, TOU.TV was known by 76% of Internet users one year after it launched, mostly owing to productions like Série Noire. In the second case study, comedian Jonathan Roberge shares how seven years ago, he was able to get on the Web and gain over 100,000 Facebook friends and 30 million clicks on his work.

Experts in this video

Director, Multiscreen Content and Programming, Web TV and ICI, for Société Radio-Canada French Services

Author, director, comedian and actor

Video transcript excerpts

“TOU.TV’s ingredients for success were: good timing, good partners, good content and a good broadcasting strategy.”

“Netflix was the first to launch subscription-based video-on-demand in Canada. This is how we knew that people were ready to pay, and it is especially then that companies woke up because we could not let Netflix take control of the entire market in Canada. So, Club Illico was launched in 2013, and we launched TOU.TV Extra in 2014.”

“But, launching this type of service is not easy. This is not a loyal clientele. This is a clientele that requires more all the time, that will change services every month. So, it is not easy, and it requires a good business model.”

“When one gets into subscription-based video-on-demand, content is not the only thing that matters.”

“Web series, that’s what lets us explore new talent, new actors, new directors, so, we are definitely going to continue making them.”

“As a comedian, the goal isn’t just to make people laugh, it’s to get people into the entertainment venue. So, you have to be popular. Yes, we had millions of views, but we did not yet have a loyal audience. We had to find a way to turn those clicks into a profit.”

“This is certainly the case today: if it lasts more than two minutes, we don’t watch it.”

“There are millions of videos on the Internet, so, quality is now as important as in movies or on television.””

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