Programmatic buying helps reach the right audience amongst the media confusion

Building an audience by creating engaging sponsored content

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Day: May 10
Time: 3:45PM - 5:00PM

Pop up banners, instant play video ads, text promotions, DIY videos and engaging contests. With an abundance of content online, this panel dives deep into the difference between advertising, sponsored content and entertainment. They discuss what’s working and what may be the next steps for marketing new shows, new music and content to the end user.

Video summary

With programmatic ad-buying strategies, digital media executives are building niche audiences in the current world of ad bombardment across multiple channels and platforms. Fast-forwarding by PVR and ad-blocking are common ways consumers avoid advertising. But through programmatic buying, media strategists can reach a very specific target audience – in the demographic they want, with the characteristics that suit their brand – and achieve measureable results. In this video, digital media executive, Carolina Joan, and Kaaren Whitney Vernon of the innovative agency, Shift-Two, explain how they harness the power of compelling, sponsored content to build and engage their audience. With a video series like the popular ‘Carmella’ or ‘V Morgan is Dead,’ they develop a fan base over the period of the series, creating an emotional connection and building trust that soon transfers to the product brand.

Experts in this video

Co-Creator of web series YidLife Crisis and head of eMerge Enterprises Ltd.

Co-chair IAB Canada, Data & Analytics Canada

CEO of shift2

Video transcript excerpts

“Marketing and advertising in a world of bombardment…it’s very difficult to get attention through the multiple platforms that we have…I think there are a lot of important strategies and lessons to be learned as we try to figure this game out.”

“So ‘programmatic’ is just a fancy, jargony way to say digital media infused with technology so we can make the buying process more automated…For example, …with programmatic, we directly plug into the source, and it’s a shift from buying inventory to buying audiences on a scale…we pay for women 25 to 54, impression by impression, in real time, and we can layer in the data…not only …a woman that is 25 to 54, but I also want her to be in market for a car.”

“We have to give them something that’s going to engage them, that’s going to have them coming back for more. I am personally so tired of the viral video, the one-off video. Again, it had a moment, but you have this little moment of conversation around it and then it’s gone. Our whole idea around entertainment is that it has to be ongoing. It’s not a campaign. It’s there to create an audience. It’s there to create an opportunity for a fan base to grow around it, and that takes time… That is really where advertisers have to get to, is stop thinking about themselves and thinking about the audience that they are trying to go after.”

“Enter Shift2 and Smokebomb Entertainment, who believe in starting a two-way conversation with millennials through a scripted series using characters and storylines that they can relate to. Give the audience something of value, and they will be open to listening to your message. To achieve this, we created V Morgan is Dead, a 20 part scripted series starring V Morgan who, after dying suddenly, wakes up on a mysterious sixth floor. There… the RBC values will leak into the series in an authentic and non-intrusive way.”

“…my big belief is that content is king [and] data is the queen.”

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