The online video gaming industry in Canada: what are the trends?

Video game industry trends, strategies, and models

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Day: May 11
Time: 9:00AM - 10:15AM

How is the gaming industry revolutionizing entertainment and content consumption? Soundtracks to video games, mobile gaming and delivery of dedicated content is big business in the gaming world. Video games are transforming into movies and becoming worldwide pop culture brands. This panel of gaming leaders discusses the platforms, infrastructure and live engagement in the world of digital fantasy.

Video summary

The video game industry in Canada is revolutionizing entertainment and content consumption. This panel of gaming experts looks at the current technology trends – live streaming, digital distribution, greater broadband access – and the drivers of the video game industry’s future. The gaming experts address platforms, infrastructure, and live engagement in the world of digital fantasy, and explain how the video gaming fan base is driving the industry to experiment with different models and strategies. The panel discusses how the video gaming community’s needs are pushing the industry in the direction of fan-based content creation and video clips that are shareable on social media. Government support for Canada’s massive video gaming industry is also addressed as a huge factor in the industry’s explosive growth.

Experts in this video

Co-Owner and Executive producer of the Canadian Video game Awards. Co-Founder of Northern Arena and video game journalist

Managing Director, Ubisoft Toronto

Co-founder & President Capybara Games

Public Policy & Government Relations Counsel, Google/YouTube

Senior Marketing Manager – Xbox Canada

Video transcript excerpts

“The mission [is] to build the digital media industry in Canada.”

“Broadcasting is changing… Discovery can require unconventional channels… The thing about YidLife Crisis is it’s somewhere in this nebulous world between for profit and not-for-profit cultural and educational… There’s a whole world of influences out there that are not traditional broadcasters or publishers, and probably could give a greater audience than a traditional broadcaster… it’s more about the particular niche that we’re getting into.”

“Web series can be cultural brands: …we’re going to build a web series concept. We’re going to use social media and possibly some earned media as an opportunity to build an audience.”

“Branded entertainment: …The first maverick company and individual we encountered was U by Kotex here in Canada. [We said] ‘Let’s make scripted storytelling about your product.’ So how do brands get people to talk about their products? You do that through story and character.”

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