The quest for discoverability

How to use all delivery platforms without disappearing in the crowd

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Day: May 11
Time: 10:35AM - 11:50AM

This session focuses on thought leaders who are diving deep into the notion of discoverability and making strides with creative answers. The experts discuss and show what they are doing to help discoverability with innovative start-ups, apps, tech and ingenuity.

Video summary

Nowadays, the wealth of content has generated a discoverability issue. Of course, the same content can be on a number of delivery platforms, but each platform has its own requirements, and adjustments are often required, which can sometimes be tedious. Having a presence on social media is essential for those who want to broaden their online audiences. This situation creates the perfect setting for innovation. Flixel, for example, develops software to animate isolated elements in photographs (cinemagraphs). But, the quest for discoverability sometimes influences creation. And, in a context where content is consumed very quickly, we must be receptive to non traditional formats, technologies and tools.

Experts in this video

TV and Radio host

Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson of the NFB

Director and CEO, 
Canada Council for the Arts

Executive Vice-President, French Services, CBC/Radio-Canada

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Flixel Photos

Video transcript excerpts

“The issue today is to be present everywhere, that’s clear.”

“I think you have to adapt the content to the platform that you’re going to choose. If you think of the way in which you’ll present content on Facebook, it’s not going to be the same as on television.”

“Today, we have access to such wealth that it is an issue to discover content.”

“The characteristics of digital thinking, it means no longer working in isolation, interdisciplinarity, the ability to move very, very quickly, to learn constantly, to change recipes all the time, in fact, this is not at all the mentality in which people my age were trained.”

“Delivery on our platforms helps reach many audiences abroad without even having a partner. We have a huge increase in the views of our films. We have channels on YouTube…this is very popular, especially abroad.”

“We are at a phase where most of our platforms have reached maturity. The next step: modernizing them, adapting them further to audiences, etc.”

“It is very difficult to increase the visibility of shows that you want to share in Canada or around the world if you don’t have a really good image on YouTube, and then, the production quality becomes a major challenge.”

“If the purpose of your creation is discoverability, what you are doing is advertising, not art. But, if you are producing art, and you have to worry about being discovered, you have to focus on something, which is originality.”

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