Audience measurement in the changing world of broadcasting

TV and radio audience measurement in shifting economic models and markets

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Day: May 10
Time: 9:50AM - 11:05AM

With greater access to and desire for on-demand content, audiences have become fragmented across many different platforms. Do ratings truly capture the popularity of a song or a show? How do we measure success in an age where ratings don’t capture overall views of content? And while certain shows may deliver the numbers, they don’t always deliver the “buzz.” This session focuses on how the definition of success has changed now that ratings don’t always equal popularity.

Video summary

Audience measurement is becoming more of a challenge for the Canadian media industry. Market interest is shifting to an emphasis on niche markets and the international market share, as well as new Canadian markets, and TV broadcasting is finding new platforms and channels. The old audience measurement panels need updating with tools that measure live broadcasting, streamed live, on-demand TV, and playback. To be able to optimize supply chains and content creation, and advertising, producers need reliable data from broadcast measurement, consumer behavior analysis, and demographics. Industry research and audience survey are changing to meet these demands with new digital measurement tools, like portable people meters and Live Plus 7.

Experts in this video

President and Vice-Chancellor, OCAD University

President & CEO, Numeris

Media and Technology Operations Executive

Senior Director, Research and Analysis, CBC/Radio-Canada

Video transcript excerpts

“I’ve got a visual analytics lab that works a lot with media outlets. We really do a lot of work, and try to understand the kinds of data that we are discussing, and how to make it meaningful for different kinds of expert users, frankly, as well as audiences. So we develop analytics for parallel industries, in particular the news media and the financial service industry, using things like sentiment analysis, recommendation, and taste graphs, which relate demographics to media consumption and advertising.”

“One of the most interesting insights that we have identified now is that…90% of all TV viewing is still happening on a traditional service, so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. But we have actually identified in our research…we’ve coined the term TV My Way. It’s almost 10% of the population. They are mostly young, super highly educated, and the key thing is they want to watch online. They watch virtually all of their television online. But most interestingly too, is they actually prefer to watch on their laptops and phones.”

“Numeris is the leading audience measurement company in this country, and a global leader…We measure audio and video, TV and radio. We have what we believe is a world class measurement system, portable people meters, we call them PPM.”

“The most recent development has really been the Live Plus 7 measurement, which has become the new currency for most the broadcasters.”

“CBC’s always had a long history in investing in research.”

“Social referrals are actually a quarter of all our traffic on our website.”

“The longevity of content is actually expanding as well…So content owners, especially ones who have been in the business a long time, have a very deep reservoir of content that they own…[which] can really help for future monetization.”

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